A Message from the Payers

Primary care is the foundation of any effective healthcare system. It’s the place where most people receive care, where most prescriptions are written, and where long term, trusting relationships are built between patients and providers – often over the course of decades and generations. Primary care is also the only healthcare segment that is proactively focused on the maintenance of good health.

Colorado health plans value the efforts that primary care leaders are undertaking to advance their organizational skills and impact upon the health of the patients and their populations they serve. This is hard work, but fundamental to the creation of better value for patients. Likewise, Colorado payers, Medicaid and Medicare are actively seeking new ways to recognize and collaborate to support and advanced primary care practices – through enhanced payment, data aggregation and aligned measurement. We appreciate your leadership and partnership in this critical process of change. Thank you for considering participating in the learning opportunities outlined in this catalog.

This catalog shows what’s available to support and advance primary care in the transformation process. Practices can enter at their own point of readiness and get on a trajectory that puts them in the best position to deliver and document value – value that’s increasingly recognized and rewarded. The programs listed here share the same goal; to help practices achieve fundamental, sustainable change in how primary care is delivered in order to improve the health of the community.